Clare Dunn

Strong women with powerful voices are on the rise this year, and Clare Dunn is a perfect example of the sultry sound that comes with having immense vocal pipes! Born and raised on several acres of country land in Colorado, this singer songwriter knows all about the heavy lifting that comes with not only having a solid country upbringing, but also the dedication required to start putting out songs to the public. During her college years, she relocated to Nashville Tennessee and truly started to gain focus on pursuing her dreams in music. After becoming increasingly fluent on both the acoustic and electric guitar, she debuted her single Tuxedo at the Grand Ole Opry last year where it was well received. Have a listen below!

The lyrics in this song start off as simple, typical country themed messages about cowboy boots and heavy lifting. But later on as the song reaches its explosive chorus, Clare is able to reach a more meaningful message to her fans about taking appreciation in the every day things in life. By stating that she doesn't need fine jewelry or money to be content, the connection is one that young lovers can certainly relate to and stand behind. 

Another one of her songs that contains a lot of power is her single Move On. The melody in this particular song is one that will definitely get stuck in your head, so listen with caution!!

Her consistent sound and style is one that is very much starting to reach a wider range of listeners. Be sure to check out her official website below if you enjoy her music!