Tyler Farr

“All alone in the darkness watching my hands shake…but they don’t have a rehab for heartbreak.”

–Tyler Farr, Withdrawels

I have grown up listening to country music my entire life. If you were to ask me who my favorite artist was ten years ago, I wouldn’t even hesitate to spout Garth Brook’s name, along with several “fun facts” about his personal life.  While I still appreciate the soulfulness that 90’s country music continues to teach musicians today, there has been a definite shift in the way that this style of music is currently presented on the radio.

I first heard Tyler Farr’s music when I initially moved to North Carolina a little over a year ago; I could immediately tell that his style was very different from what I had grown up with…but art is constantly changing, and his first single that I heard (A Guy Walks Into A Bar) was no exception. I’m not sure if it was the roughness in his voice that made my hand hover over the radio station button or the gritty instrumentals that caught me off guard - but something in that combination made me truly listen to every single word.  After hearing one of his later releases titled “Withdrawals,” I realized that I was completely drawn to his music because of the way that it was irrefutably relatable. Personally, one of the most important aspects of music is found in the lyrics, and as I listened to this particular release I was immediately overcome with sadness. It could be heard emulating throughout the entire track – while the words depict someone who is suffering from withdrawal effects from losing a loved one due to a recent breakup, this particular song made me think of where I stood in my own life, and how I felt like I was disappearing from the loss of everything that was once familiar to me.

As I delve deeper into musicians to follow, I have the tendency to try to find music where it isn’t present. I love that Tyler Farr isn’t played constantly on my local country radio station. Instead, when I hear his music it is always a rare and pleasant surprise; not only does his unique voice capture my attention every time, but the meaningful punch of his lyrics always makes me reflect on how far I’ve come from where I once stood.

I would strongly encourage you to check out his official website below: