There's a CMA Nominations Feud

The 48th Annual CMA Award nominations were released recently, and now that they have settled in there appears to be a couple people who disagree. For the first time in years, Jason Aldean was not nominated for any award. This is very unlike Aldean, having a total of 15 nominations since coming to the scene in 2007.

The unhappy fans are the least of the CMA's worries. Aldean's father, Barry Williams, took it to Facebook when he heard the news:

"Ok, somebody help me out here. We have a country artist who has had at least a dozen number one singles, is the most downloaded country artist of all time, consistently sells out stadiums, has broken attendance records set by George Strait, Kenny Chesney, and even Paul McCartney. Yet he doesn’t even get one nomination for the CMA awards this year. He has been consistently shunned by the Academy the last couple of years when it was obvious that he was deserving of the Entertainer of The Year Award, based on statistics, not popularity of the Academy. This current failure to recognize Jason for his accomplishments only furthers my opinion that the CMA’s are a joke and a farce. I don’t want this to sound like “sour grapes”, but the statistics should speak for themselves."

Some critics are saying Williams should let the CMA world do what they do best to determine the nominees and that Williams should sit in the passenger seat. Me, personally, I want Aldean to be mad. He still hasn't earned the highest honor of Country Music, Entertainer of the Year. Aldean has accomplished a lot in his career but the CMA's want more I suppose. Although Jason or his team has not yet released a statement I want to know what are your thoughts? Do you think Jason Aldean deserves more recognition?

You can find a complete list of nominations here and be sure to watch the 48th Annual CMA Awards Wednesday November 5th at 8/7c.