Sing, Talk

When I think of different country singers trying to distinguish themselves from other artists, the first name that always comes to mind is Sam Hunt. Growing up an athlete in Cedartown, GA, Sam Hunt's love of country music solidified long before he pursued sports in college. After realizing that his calling was more closely aligned with music, his career took off as he worked hard to separate himself from standard country rhythms by using modern sounds to incorporate into his songs. Using a technique known as "sing talk," Sam Hunt's hit song Take Your Time was widely accepted on country radio, and worked extremely well to set him apart from his peers. Have a listen here!

His tactic of mellow musical introductions leading into explosive and emotional choruses worked as a formula for his success, and soon after he released Break Up In A Small Town, which can be found on his album titled Montevallo. I have heard numerous opinions on whether or not sing-talk should be recognized as a true country styled method, or if this method should be reserved for different genres that more heavily focus on sole rhythms to drive their songs. Regardless of what people are unsure of when it comes to this interpretive style, one thing is for certain: it works. The creativity that Sam Hunt's music has to offer modern day country is astounding, and personally I believe that his songs have much more impact with his meticulous choice of wording...had he chosen to sing all of his vocal lines, I strongly feel that the emotional pull and effect would not be the same. 

Before he started to branch off into his own musical career, Sam Hunt had written songs for country artists such as Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Billy Currington. Aside from these artists, not all of his songs utilize sing-talk, as Leave The Night On is strongly driven by a catchy, upbeat tempo and a strong melody. His method is one that is not overused to a point where his style is going to become timeworn, but acts as a way that selected songs can be immediately recognized when heard on local radio stations. As always, I would encourage you to look at his site, form your own opinions, and never be afraid to share them below!