New Music Monday: Seth Ennis

Twenty-three year old Seth Ennis made his start at an early age by learning to play several instruments throughout his Georgia upbringing. While most would expect Ennis to have a deeply Southern sound, he is an extremely versatile singer due to the fact that he moved locations a lot while he spent time serving in the military. After spending several years in Japan, he relocated to Raleigh and commuted to Nashville to re-center his passion for music. Seth now currently resides in Nashville, and has obtained a record deal with Sony Music. His new single Woke Up In Nashville is one that is unbelievably insightful for an artists his age - have a listen to the intricate piece below!

While this song features many deep artistic elements including dual meanings and syncopated melody slant rhymes, the palpable tension in the instrumentation of a delicate piano line that never fully "explodes" is one that truly catches the listener's attention. It is certainly well received that Seth Ennis' melodies align slightly with a pop music sound, and that the evolution of this song is one that grows on the audience almost instantly.

Seth calls himself a "picky" songwriter and is very particular about production elements, and it definitely shows through the precision of this final masterpiece. Definitely be on the lookout for new songs from this extremely talented artist.

Follow him through his website below!