Sarah Darling To Become #AmericasDarling On "Rising Star"?


Among the first contestants on ABC's new show "Rising Star" to advance to the next round on Sunday night was country singer Sarah Darling. She is no stranger to singing on stage, from the Opry to reality television singing competitions. Sarah first began her career in the spotlight in 2003 as a contestant on E!'s "The Entertainer". You may recognize her from her debut album which was released in 2009, her music video for "Something To Do With Your Hands" which made it onto CMT's Hot 20 Countdown in 2011, or from her single "Home To Me" that gained digital attention in 2012.

Sarah said on the show that although she has had opportunities to make a living by pursuing music over the years, she hasn't yet had that one big opportunity to "take it to the next level". Maybe Rising Star will do just that! She performed her own rendition of "Merry Go Round" by Kacey Musgraves. It turns out she and Brad Paisley, one of the expert judges on the show, have some "mutual friends" and he was impressed by her performance of "one of the best songs in the last five years of country music".

Rising Star is an all new reality singing competition in which YOU decide who advances by voting on an app in real time.

Will you be voting to Sarah on her way in the competition to get that chance she's been looking for and make her #AmericasDarling? Tune in Sundays at 9/8c!

- Lauren