Parmalee's road to success is a story that I have grown to love as it points towards the true meaning of perseverance. Today, this country band (made up of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, cousin Barry Knox, and friend Josh McSwain) has had incredible amounts of triumph over obstacles that once stood in their way, and have currently released a new single titled Roots.  

This country-rock song channels an emotional pull of missing one's home town alongside of the past. One of the reasons I enjoy this song in particular is because even though it is a fairly new release, it is one that I feel like I have grown up listening to all my life. It's homey and traditional country feel speaks volumes, and it is extremely relatable to any listening audience. 

Since Parmalee's formation in 2001, they have found success in their #1 smash hit Carolina, as it was recently certified as a Gold track by the RIAA. 

I would encourage you to read their full bio listed below within their website, and check out their tour schedule - they are an incredibly inspiring band, and their story is one that has touched listeners across the nation.