Rock On

"I'm drawn to the little things." - Tucker Beathard

Tucker Beathard is no stranger to being surrounded music, as he grew up immersed with singer/songwriters in his immediate family. His country roots can be heard in every one of his singles; however he gains inspiration from many different genres, including music by Led Zeplin, The Eagles, and Hank Williams Jr. 

In his current bio, Tucker states: 

"I've always been a huge fan of deep songs, and I've always liked poems...I'm an introvert, but writing songs that go beneath the surface allows me the chance to open up a piece of myself." 

When listening to his current single Rock On, I find his statement to be very honest and true. The story the song tells is of someone who regrets not solidifying his love for his partner, and as a result she slips through his fingers.

The imagery that I think of when listening to this track is of someone who is internally shy, and is trying very hard to be happy for his past lover even though this sounds like an impossible feat. I love that this song has a duel meaning, and uses the phrase "rock on" multiple times as a music meter catch which sticks out to the listeners' ear. This type of poetic element adds a level of creativity to his song, and also further shows just how influential other genres of music can be. Going back to his love of poetry, this clever phrase is what stood out to me the most when I first heard this song played on the radio. 

Even though Tucker believes he has an internalized, reserved demeanor, he is able to open up on stage during his performances - and has even performed with country artists Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert (to name a few). 

His tour schedule is listed on his website below - if you like what you hear, make sure to find out when he is coming to a town near you!