Road Less Traveled

When researching country artists to write about, I typically listen to multiple songs from their repertoire to get a solid feel for what their their style is, and to get a better sense of their message from their personal platform. I am going to be extremely honest and say that Road Less Traveled was the first and only song that I have listened to of Lauren Alaina's before writing this post, but it was the only one I needed to hear to decide that I am an extremely huge fan of her vocal talent! I absolutely am in love with the fact that she is using her voice (in more ways than one) to let her listeners know that being different isn't something that should be written off as an inconvenience, but rather something to be embraced. 

We hear all the time in the news about artists supporting positive body image for both young men and women alike. But how many artists do you truly know of actually put their creative time and energy into songs and productions to show their authentication? What makes this song so powerful to me is that the appeal towards the struggling majority is so strong that her music video actually gave me chills to minute 2:05, the scene where Lauren removes a negative stimulus from her younger self and hands her the microphone speaks more volumes than anyone's words ever could. There is so much negativity surrounding mainstream artists today, and I love that this song punches back strong at those who focus solely on aesthetic appeal rather than pure, true talent.

Lauren Alaina's powerful voice makes me think of a mix between the country style of Faith Hill with the power of Kelly Clarkson...which is truly an amazing combination. While I have seen a lot of comments about this particular piece stating that this song does not necessarily fit the realm of the true "country" genre, her Georgia roots still soar through when she reaches the phrase "wear out your boots and kick up the gravel" in the chorus.

Her lyrics in this song are so meaningful that anyone, both young and old, can relate to the message behind them...and you as the listener can also get a strong sense of the personal struggle that this artist has endured as well. However, on a deeper level, the meaning behind the phrase "road less traveled" can be re-purposed to relate to anyone's internal conflict - whether you are trying to figure out a new career path or deciding whether or not to pursue higher education, this versatile song is the perfect anthem to inspire you to put your goals in order and choose the path that is best for you. 

Currently touring with Alan Jackson, Lauren Alaina has already released her first album titled Wildflower, and has just recently released a new EP. Take a look at her website below - I for one, cannot wait to listen to more of her singles!