On the Row Radar: Ryan Lafferty

I am obsessed with Ryan Lafferty. You should be too. This guy is the real deal. His music is well written and catchy. His voice is mesmerizing. His songs are amazing.



What first caught my attention about Ryan is the completeness and cohesiveness of his EP, Half of It. Every single song is good. They range from upbeat and romantic with “Close to You,” to sultry and anxious with “Stalemate,” and everything in between.

If One Republic, Justin Timberlake and Keith Urban all morphed into one musical talent, it would be Ryan Lafferty. He’s soulful, yet country. Once you hear his music, you’ll be addicted.

If you’ve never heard Ryan’s music, check it out right now! For more information about his tour (with Hunter Hayes) and music, visit ryanlafferty.com.