On Set with Kristian Bush

Earlier this year on July 28th, Kristian Bush, one half of the country duo Sugarland, released his first solo work since the band took a break in 2013. Today Kristian was teasing all new and old fans while making the "Trailer Hitch" music video. From the pictures Kristian put out, it looks as if he and the crew might have borrowed people from the set of The Walking Dead.

Before you make any weird faces as to why he would have 'Walkers,' I can see it making sense. The whole song is about giving everything away; "you can't take it with you when you go, can't take it when you go." So the 'Walkers' are a perfect demonstration that you don't take anything with you when you pass on. It looks like Kristian's good pal Canaan Smith stopped by to get in on the action:

Either way I am super excited to see this video. It is such a light hearted song that is so fun to listen to and dance to. As far as Mr. Bush goes, he is set to release his debut solo album later this year.