New Music Monday: Whitney Rose

This Monday, we are featuring a completely different sound of country - the jazzy and sassy style and voice of Whitney Rose! Born in Canada, this singer/songwriter has an extremely vintage sound in many of her tracks. However, she remains true to the country themes of staying in tune with ones roots and showcasing who you truly are, as is one of the main themes in her single My Boots. This song highlights the importance of being upfront in a humorous and catchy way - have a listen below!

Rose's sultry and retro voice brings out one of the most exciting sounds found in modern-day music. She has the ability to pierce the listener's mind with vivid imagery, and draws her inspiration from artists such as Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. Another one of her singles titled Heartbreaker Of The Year is simply dripping with audio beauty. Despite being known for her honky-tonk ways, this masterpiece carries a lot of soul and is truly a stunning piece driven almost entirely by bass:


If you're an instant fan of this country lady, make sure to take a look at all she has to offer on her website!