New Music Monday: Jaime Wyatt

Today's featured artist is from Los Angeles, California - Jaime Wyatt had a rough start to her music career, but was thankfully able to turn things around for a bright future in songwriting. Her latest release is titled Felony Blues, which is a stunning autobiographical work of art that allows people to stop and appreciate the trials of her early life. The song featured below is titled Stone Hotel - hold on to your cowgirl hats, because it will surely blow you away!

Jaime's beautiful raspy voice is one that has surely developed with age. She got her first record deal at only seventeen years old, but after getting off on the wrong track and serving a few months in the county jail, she has made a full comeback. She now brings with her a story to be heard. Her many heartfelt ballads of love gone wrong and her time served allows her listeners to get a small glimpse of what her personal struggles look like in a brief snapshot of time, and her voice is purely exceptional. From the moment she starts singing, you can hear all of the emotion pouring out of her as she plays the guitar with her band. Her rocker style allows her to have a much freer country image, however every upbeat song of hers is a boot-stomping good time.

Definitely be sure to check out her website below!