New Music Monday: Jacob Davis

Who doesn't love a song that tells a story? This is something that has definitely been accomplished by Jacob Davis - his beautiful song Something To Remember You By is such a simple melody that can evoke powerful reactions from his listeners. Listen for yourself below!

Growing up on 90's country music in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jacob didn't start playing the guitar until he was a teenager. He was originally taught how to play classic country tunes by his father, but also grew up inspired by piano music that was played primarily by his mother. 

When he turned 23, he decided to move to Nashville and follow his passion of becoming a musician...which his talent was sought out shortly after. From then on out, he has been writing songs that come directly from his life experiences and his heart. 

Another one of his singles Shot Me Over The Moon is one that is extremely powerful even with minimal instrumentation - the raw guitar sound that he creates is one that resonates with emotion. This song is dripping with simplicity...and it is absolutely stunning.

Don't forget to check out his official website below!