New Music Monday: from Rascal Flatts!

If you haven't already heard the newly released song Yours If You Want It by Rascal Flatts, make sure you take five minutes out of your day today to lend this talented band your ears! Lead vocalist Gary LeVox is clearly rejuvenated and is approaching his latest songs with a broader energy and power. Their new song is a much different sound than the classic Rascal Flatts that was well known in the 90s and early 2000s, as their new single is now aligned with a pop-country undertone. This gives their track a new life that is completely unexpected for what this band was originally known as, and is far separated from their Mayberry-like tunes:

This song is a perfect example of how a powerful and stunning melody can truly drive an entire composition into the spotlight. The instrumentation in this song is also an enormous factor on the much sharper final product, as you can clearly hear each individual instrument line as they collaborate to make one cohesive song. However, LeVox's impressive vocal range is still recognizable and is able to carry this song home with a high and dramatic register.

Hopefully you will be able to support their new musical endevors as they tour in cities near you! Check out their up and coming tour schedule as they continue to travel and play throughout the country.