New Music Monday: Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay are making waves with their new single How Not To this upcoming year - this dynamic duo comprised of Dan Smyners and James Shay Mooney met in Nashville in 2012, and have continuously written songs that have been wildly successful ever since. Their latest tune highlights an interesting perspective of both falling in love and its downfall - have a listen below!

Dan + Shay have a way of penning lyrics that resonate deeply with their fans - their simplistic style yet intricate melodies allow their audience members to instantaneously relate to their lyrics. The first lines of the introductory verse of their latest song paint a portrait of an individual who is no longer in denial about their recent heartbreak, as it states: 

I can honestly understand why it's over
I can go through the motions of walking away
I can give you the key and take my things back
I can find plenty things to fill my days

However, the transition from this style of nonchalant writing to an explosive chorus definitely stands out in the crowd, as the lyrics go on to say;

But I don't know how not to think about you
When it's late at night and crying
And I know that I ought to be the one who is strong and just moves on
But I probably turn down your road, knock-knock on your door
Fall back in your arms, wake up in the morning
Hating myself for the way that I can't help the way I still want you
I just don't know how not to.

You can absolutely hear the emotion throughout this entire piece, as if the artists are both crying out their sentiments. Dan + Shay are definitely moving up the musical ladder - stay tuned for their new releases in the future.

Be sure to follow Dan + Shay online through their official website below!