New Music Monday: Cody Johnson

If you are in love with the traditional country sound, you will absolutely fall in love with Cody Johnson's new single With You I Am. His stunning vocal control and old-timey Texas twang will melt your heart, along with his beautifully touching music video. Heavily influenced by George Straight and Alan Jackson, Cody often does covers of their music with solely his guitar and himself as the only performer. Listen below to the love song that will surely make you swoon this up and coming year!


In this particular song you can hear tribute lyrics to some of George Straight's earlier works - the comparison of love to nature is a theme that can be heard from both artists. Cody truly shines with crystal vocals and soft tones in his choruses - we simply MUST share another song!

If you are absolutely loving what you're hearing, make sure to look into Cody Johnson's website below!