Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell is a rising country star who gets her roots from the North! Originating from Canada ('ello!), this singer/songwriter currently calls Nashville her home, and loves the atmosphere surrounding the present music scene. After listening to a few of her singles, what struck me the most is the prominent pop influences that can be heard throughout her tracks - while she doesn't have the typical "southern drawl" that many would expect when listening to a country tune, her clear voice is unique because she adds modern electronic sound effects into her songs. Personally, I enjoy that she sings about country subject staples (cowboy boots, pickup trucks, etc.) but her spin on them can be taken as either a country song or soft pop, making her a very versatile artist. Currently she is known solely as a country artist, and her fun up-beat and almost "happy sounding" break-up song By The Way achieved the #1 Most Added Song at U.S. Country Radio, as well as being in the Top 10 in the iTunes country genre. Have a listen here!

Lindsay takes a lot of pride in the fact that she is the lead guitarist during her performances, and states in her bio that many audience members don't expect her to take the lead during her live shows. She has a funky yet soulful sound to her lead guitar and vocals, and my personal favorite song of hers is Shut Me Up. I enjoy this track because of the vocal movement in the chorus, as well as the playful take on the subject of attempting to silence another person. While this subject matter can be quite sensitive to some individuals, Lindsay executes this song in a way that makes this topic approachable and empowering. 

If you have enjoyed her music, check out her official website and see when she is touring near you in the future!