New Music Monday: LANco

If you haven't already heard LANco's single Long Live Tonight, you are definitely missing out on one of the greatest up and coming sing-along country bands. This Nashville-based band is made up of five amazing artists; singer/songwriter Brandon Lancaster (from where the band's name originates), drummer Tripp Howell, bass player Chandler Baldwin, guitarist Eric Steedly, and instrumentalist Jared Hampton. Their music is so full of energy, and the influence that contemporary country music has had on their sound can certainly be heard loud and clear. Have a listen to their single below:

What I love most about this band is how down to earth they are about their performances, as well as their realistic approach to the competitive nature of the industry. None of these artists shy away from the fact that they are having to compete with many other facets in life, and for this reason alone they work very hard at making their live performances as intimate and personal as they can. LANco gains inspiration for their music by paying attention to current situations in life that many people can relate to, and their message remains strong by holding a deep connection with their fans.

During a recent interview about where they draw their creativity from, Brandon Lancaster stated:

"When we're in front of a crowd, we're aware that everyone has the whole world in their pocket, on their cell phone. You're competing against a cat video when you're up there onstage playing I want to jump in the crowd and be up close and personal with people. Country music is about finding people where they're at right now: working a 9-to-5, going through hard times, questioning life - yes, our music is huge, and our show is energetic and we're all over the place, but there is a message that people understand." 

Their focus on unifying people through music is admirable, and their personal message is one that can be understood by the masses. LANco understands the importance of holding a valued relationship with their followers, and as a result their fan base is growing dramatically. Their music is so beautiful, passionate, dynamic, and refreshing. Take a look at their other work through their official website below!