Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett in the Hot Seat

While cruising alongside Miranda Lambert this summer on her Platinum tour, her opening men Thomas Rhett and ACM New Artist of the Year Justin Moore, took some time out of their day to answer a few questions on the 94.7 QDR Party Deck. I was fortunate enough to ask Justin a question! Check out the full interview below:

Cody Clark: "So Thomas, I heard a couple weeks ago you met a great famous actor. Tell us about that."
Thomas Rhett: "We were honored to play Stagecoach out in L.A. and supposedly Aston Kutcher is a huge fan of my music, which blows by mind. Well he came to our show then we started emailing back and forth. So the last night in L.A. me and my wife went out to dinner with him and Mila Kunis. I don't know if I was completely normal the whole night. I didn't quite know what to say."
CC: "I think it would be more awkward having her (Kunis) in front of you than Ashton."
TR: "Yeah man, it was strange. And she was like 36 weeks pregnant at the time, she could have had the baby. It was nuts but we had a good time and they were very cool down to earth people."
Steve Maher: "I'll go ahead and give this one to Justin, ACM Awards buddy; I like your Atlanta Braves hat by the way."
Justin Moore: "Haha thanks man."
SM: "Lets flashback to the ACM's for a minute, when they called your name, what was going through your mind?"
JM: "Wheww... haha"
SM: "It was beautiful!"
JM: "I felt validated for all the people who busted their rear ends for me for so many years, and not getting to hear our name for five, six, seven years whatever it was and my mom and dad getting second jobs to pay for me to move to Nashville so many years ago, it was pretty emotional for me and what you saw was genuine and sincere. I can't thank the ACM's enough for allowing me to be apart of it and I can't thank the fans enough. I think it's pretty cool the first award that we won was fan voted. I knew if our fans ever had the opportunity to get a say so in it, we'd be in good shape so I can't thank them enough."
SM: "Okay, before I let you go, the right way to wear a cowboy hat, I mean you are right there with AJ (Alan Jackson) and King George."
JM: "Hahaha I don't know about that but it's strategic for me - it covers up half of my face. But I grew up wearing one and those were the guys I looked up to, if you were a big star you wore a cowboy hat. It's about the best way to keep cool."
CC: "Now, you were in a song called "Home Sweet Home" that was originally done by Motley Crue. You have always been a great vocalist but this may be your best performance. How in the hell are you suppose to keep up with those notes with Vince Niel."
JM: "Thank you! Um, well a lot of whiskey (haha). But you know, I've told people the last few weeks they've said that, a lot of our music has higher notes than that song but for whatever reason the perception is that song is a lot higher. In fact it's one of the easier songs I do in my set. Does that mean I sound like crap on my other songs? haha"
Cassidy Boneham: "This question is for Thomas. So what is your favorite song who've ever gotten to write?"
TR: "That I ever wrote? Um, probably still to this day "Beer With Jesus" is one that I'm really proud of, even though it wasn't translated correctly to a lot of people that heard it. I think a lot of people heard the title to that song and said, 'You cannot put beer and Jesus in the same sentence.' But if you listen to that song, I poured my heart and soul into it, me and the two other guys that wrote it. And still to this day it's one of the coolest songs to do and it's amazing how many people do know the words to that song. So I'd probably say that's one of my proudest accomplishments as a songwriter. That or "Parking Lot Party."
Leah Siver: My question is for Justin. I got the privilege of seeing one of your stops on your "Off The Beaten Path" tour, how does the dynamic shift going from headliner to an opener?
JM: Yeah it's definitely different but I enjoy both you know? It's fun for me to go out there and do what we did with "Off The Beaten Path" tour and getting to go out play last and play two hours playing all of our music, but this is fun too. There's a lot less pressure doing this (opening). I get to go out and play for 45 minutes then head back to the bus put on my pajamas haha. But I wouldn't have gone out on just any tour. Miranda and I have been buddies for a long time, TR the same, but if I like the package and think it will be a good time and won't be a fit for me and my music I'll go out and do it. We are still trying to make that transition where we do nothing but headline but there are still things we could go out and learn and learn from whether it'd be from him (TR) or her. I guess in a nutshell I enjoy doing both and will continue to do both until we out grow it."

Now we want to hear what you think. What questions would you ask if you had the opportunity?