John King: A Show You've Got To See & A Song You've Got To Hear


Opening up for acts like Big & Rich, Dierks Bentley, and Jason Aldean has to be intimidating. Very few new artists can be tough acts to follow for seasoned pros but this guy has found a way to do it. Newly signed to Black River Entertainment and with a catchy single "Tonight Tonight" out at radio, John King is making great impressions on crowds and listeners all over America. 

What makes John unique from other artists? He "counts by the number of miles on his tires, rather than the number of 'likes' on social media". Before he even had a booking agent, he would be playing 150 shows a year opening for some extremely big names. Even when playing solo, the crowds would come pouring. An artist like this just doesn't go unnoticed. What is he doing differently that is gaining him loyal fans? Interaction. He keeps a constant connection with people he encounters, even giving out his phone number at some shows and personally texting fans. He leaves a lasting impression that leaves them wanting more. Most artists these days are expecting social media to bring fans to live shows, so it is refreshing to see an artist turning things back around. 

Recently, John has hit the road in a new way, embarking on radio tour in promotion of his debut single "Tonight Tonight". Watch the lyric video below and keep an eye on John's website for shows coming near you!