"It Came From Nashville" Featuring Tonya Watts Premiering Soon!

Movie and Music Network is bringing us an all new country TV series featuring Nashville's own up and coming songwriters who have left behind their Tennessee roots to take on the Los Angeles music scene. "It Came From Nashville" will feature bright talent performing their original works, behind-the-scenes critiques, and an inside look at the creative process of these former Nashvillians. 

The show will be hosted by none other than country star Tonya Watts who just released her brand new single yesterday (Nov. 11). Tonya also appears in the newly released award-winning film "Finding Harmony". Watts says, "“I started this to honor the creators of song, whether they’re writer-performers or songwriters who write for other performers". Her bright personality, genuine love of the music, and expertise on the country music scene will be a great asset to the California based show. 

"This really takes a traditional music show and goes one step further," says Movie & Music CEO Martin W. Greenwald. Keep an eye out for it's upcoming debut!

Watch the promo video here and be sure to check out Tonya's latest single on iTunes!

- Lauren