2016 CMA winner Chris Stapleton has created some of the most powerful sounds in country music due to his combination of blues, R&B, and rock influences. His incredible voice is able to evoke emotion from a wide range of listeners, and his talent is certainly not overlooked in the music industry! Just last year, Stapleton's album Traveller became the best-selling first week by a debuting country artist, and he gained recognition for his raspy and passionate voice. This year, he was awarded CMA's Male Vocalist of the Year, and Music Video of the Year for his stunning single Fire Away.


The vocals alone in this song are breathtaking...but the video artistry is incredibly moving as well. Through the intense display of a story told of someone who is suffering emotionally, changedirection.org teamed up with Chris to create a visually stunning masterpiece. Once of his newer releases, titled Parachute, promotes the idea of beauty found in the simplicity of lyrics. 



I enjoy this song for many reasons. The first being that even though the lyrics are not complex, his rock influence brings an entire new life and feeling to the easily understood concept of his words. His emotion can be heard regardless of the topics of his songs, and his remarkable voice is distinct to his trade. While some of his songs channel the "old country" feel, his sound and instrumentation can also be viewed as extremely modern in the country realm. This hybrid creates a billowing effect that embraces the listener from all sides - regardless of which genre you prefer, Chris Stapleton's album truly has a song for everyone to enjoy.