New Music Monday: Drew Baldridge

"Me and the boys...we were noise, with some dirt on us." -Drew Baldridge, Dirt On Us

If you haven't already heard Drew Baldridge's new single Dirt On Us, make sure you give it a listen - this song gives off such a hometown country feel, and if you grew up playing outside in the summertime you will absolutely end up feeling nostalgic!

Baldridge grew up in Illinois, and signed his first recording and publishing deal in 2013. Ever since he picked up the guitar in his teen years, he has been playing and writing songs that have strong ties to the classic country sound. He also gained quite a bit of influence from the church that he attended as a child, as he often sang in the congregation of his hometown. His sweet "southern sound" is definitely one that can make his listeners feel reminiscent! 

One interesting thing about this singer/songwriter is that he turned down an athletic scholarship for college, and instead saw bigger things for himself in Nashville. He now currently resides in Tennessee, and is a full-time musician. There remains something to be said for those who create their own path and choose not to follow the mainstream path laid out for them. 

If you are interested in learning more about Drew Baldridge, or would like to hear more of his singles, make sure you take a look at his website!