New Music Monday: Courtney Marie Andrews

If you are searching for a soothing voice that can make you forget about the stresses of daily life, make sure you listen to the pure vocal talent of Courtney Marie Andrews. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, this singer/songwriter started performing at 16 years old by recording background vocals for well known bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Damien Jurado before traveling across the world to Belgium. Her beautiful folk-sounding single How Quickly Your Heart Mends is one that many can relate to, and her stunning sound is absolutely soulful. This music video is very much based upon real experiences by the artists, as she is featured below as the bartender in this film; and, it was working in a bar where she sought inspiration for many of her singles.

While her instrumentation levels vary on many of her songs, one thought kept creeping into my head upon listening to her intimate performances: when it comes to talent, sometimes simplicity is best. Her river version of Irene is absolutely beautiful, and I am posting her two separate versions of this song back to back so that you as the listener can compare the difference in sound and overall feel. Personally, I am almost always a fan of raw original lines - the first version only featuring herself and the guitar is truly breathtaking. No auto-tuning, no electronics, just unadulterated vocal aptitude.

Her songs are incredibly introspective, and her meaningful lyrics pull emotion out of the listener almost immediately. In her interview with Rolling Stone, she left them with a personal quote from where she gained most of her inspiration from:

"People love to talk about their deepest personal thoughts when they are intoxicated. I never intended to write based around those stories, but they really influenced me. It gave me a wider empathy for the world, and those stories are the ones that ring true in my soul more than anything." -Courtney Marie Andrews

Check out more of her music below!