Artist Spotlight: Chris Janson

 Record labels stand behind their artist, help promote their music, and widen their brand. Usually when one moves to Nashville to try their part in being a country singer, most will say having a record label is the first step. Chris Janson was among one of those artists. For someone who has been on the music scene for more than 10 years, he has been signed to a few labels. After those deals have fallen through Chris and his wife/manager took matters into their own hands by releasing his single "Buy Me A Boat" to iTunes. Who truly helped Janson spread the word of his new song was Bobby Bones, host of The Bobby Bones Show. Playing an untested and unsigned artist like Chris Janson is a big no-no in the radio world but Bobby took a liking to the sound. with just a couple spins, the track went top 10 on the top country downloads on iTunes.


Hitting the road this summer on tour, you may be hearing other tunes from Chris that you may know from other artists. He has written hits for Justin Moore, Randy Houser, Joe Nichols, and the very popular "Truck Yeah" for Tim McGraw. But there was something about "Buy Me A Boat" that  made Chris keep it for himself. There is something special to be said about this man and safe to say there is a lot more to come from him.