Album Alert: Granger Smith "Remington"

After “Backroad Song” hit #1 everyone was waiting to see what came next for Granger Smith. He met that excitement with a fantastic album.


            Remington, Granger’s first album with Wheelhouse Records, mixes a traditional country style with up-tempo rock and strong, emotional writing. This album has songs for every country music fan out there. “Tonight” and “Around the Sun” are sure to top your summer playlists, making you want to roll down your windows while going 75 down the highway. The album is also filled with slower songs like “Crazy As Me” and “Echo” for anyone looking for their next favorite love (or love gone wrong) story.

            If you’re still not convinced, take a listen to “Tractor.” The song was written about lessons Granger learned from his late father. Not only will it have you holding back tears, but it also showcases Granger's real talent for writing, storytelling and performing, all in one heartfelt track.

            Granger Smith made an impression with the success of “Backroad Song” and this full-length album is just another testament to his talent and artistry. Remington is full of catchy lyrics and melodies, strong production and incredible singles that are sure to provide Granger with even more #1’s in the coming months.

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