A Spotify Playlist for Every Country Need

New Boots

If you find yourself getting tired of the radio or want to add some variety to your own country playlist, New Boots is the way to go. This Spotify playlist highlights the latest songs and artists in country music and is updated weekly to bring you the newest music. Whether it’s an upcoming artist who hasn’t hit the radio yet or the single from your favorite country artist that just dropped last week, New Boots will ensure you’re ahead of the game in country music.

Tailgate Party

This playlist embodies those upbeat country sounds that make you want to grab some friends, a cooler of beer and a spot in the sun. Whether it's football season, happy hour, or just a sunny Saturday with the windows down, Tailgate Party gives you the perfect upbeat soundtrack to lighten the mood with artists like Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line and more. 

Country Coffeehouse

If you’re not in the tailgating mood, Coffeehouse Country is perfect for more laid-back days. With soft, acoustic sounds, this playlist is made for studying or lazy Sundays, and highlights a mellower side of country music.

Classic Country

Classic Country explores sounds from the origins of country music. Featuring country legends like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton, this playlist is perfect for old souls or anyone with a taste for the classics.

Your Daily Mix

One of the more recent additions to Spotify is the “Daily Mix” option. Each day, Spotify creates five or six playlists tailored specifically to your music library by separating your songs into different categories and adding new songs to each playlist that reflect the sounds of each one. Through this feature, you can pick the “mix” you’re most in the mood for and listen to a custom-made playlist based on your own music tastes. Your Daily Mix shows up automatically in Spotify under your library.