A Diamond in the Rough: Patrick Sampson

A diamond in the rough is a perfect way to explain this artist. Patrick Sampson was born in a small town in northern New York with a growing passion for music. With only playing guitar for a short period of time, Patrick seems to know how to let the music flow right out.

To give a little taste of what his voice sounds like,  imagine a mash up with Ed Sheeran and the lead singer of The Lumineers, Wesley Schultz. It's that good! And makes sense considering one of his favorite artist and musical idol is Mr. Ed Sheeran himself. Sampson just has such a warm tone in his voice that is easy to listen to. Trying to spread that voice, Patrick has teamed up with Bose audio. Gaining 5,000 likes on his Facebook page, he's been given bigger gigs outside of the state.

He isn't winning Grammy's...(yet), but all I'm saying is Patrick Sampson is a name you'll be hearing more of I'm sure. Check out his Facebook page and take a listen to his original song, "Pick Your Head Up," and tell me what you think. Have I hit this nail on the head?  

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this guy, because this is just the beginning.