6 Things I Learned About Jake Owen Yesterday

"@jakeowen I always wanted to put clothes on these naked statues in Nashville. Seems appropriate..."

"@jakeowen I always wanted to put clothes on these naked statues in Nashville. Seems appropriate..."

Yesterday Jake Owen hosted his second annual Nashville block party in the BMI Backlot. With the full stage setup from his Days of Gold tour, he threw a massive beach party right there on Music Row with over 20,000 people, food trucks, tons of special guests....Even the statues were dressed for the occasion.

1. Nobody has fans as dedicated as him. Over 20,000 people from Nashville and beyond packed the extremely hot streets of Nashville yesterday starting as early as 10am on a Monday.  There were people watching from the trees. Literally. Dedication!

2. Nobody treats their fans like he does. First of all, who throws a FREE show in a parking lot just because they want to? Jake Owen does. He flew in some fans who called in to the Bobby Bones show yesterday, had some upgraded to "tiki seats" right on stage, took selfies with tons of fans from the stage (as people threw their iPhones at him)....He just really knows how to treat fans and that is how he keeps them.

3. Nobody loves little kids like he does. Before the show, Jake was seen carrying his two year old daughter around on his shoulders. (SO adorable!) During his hit The One That Got Away, he brought two little girls from the crowd up on stage as well as their dads to let them sing with him.

4. Nobody loves their job more than he does. Of course being in Nashville, the crowd was filled with country music hopefuls just waiting for their chance to make it. He reiterated it time and time again, he moved to Nashville with a dream ten years ago and he is living proof that dreams can come true.

5. Nobody loves all genres like he does. With a pre show playlist that includes songs from Friends In Low Places to Turn Down For What, you can kind of already catch this. Throughout the show Jake covered songs from Chattahoochie to R&B songs like "Hold On, We're Going Home", "Ice Ice Baby", "Cooler Than Me", and even the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song.

6. Nobody brings out special guests like he does. With opening acts like Old Dominion and The Cadillac Three, the show already started out with a bang. To top it all off, Dan and Shay, Lee Brice, Mike Posner, Travis Meadows, Sonia Leigh, and Brothers Osborne all came out to do a duet with Jake.

Thanks for welcoming all of us college students back to Nashville, Jake! It was such a fun night!

- Lauren