3 Artists to Watch


What you should listen to: “Stella” and “Fireflies”

This captivating musical trio busted onto the local Nashville music scene in 2015. Their tight harmonies and sultry sound bring a new dimension to the kind of music that modern day Nashville is producing, and is very reminiscent of that old school Dixie Chicks sound we all love. Stella//James’ music is an amazing testament to what the music industry can and will be: pure, beautiful talent being showcased for the rest of the world to enjoy.


For more information on Stella//James visit the band’s website: http://www.stellajamesband.com/


                                                                                                                                                     Jon Langston

What you should listen to: “Forever Girl” and “Southern Drawl”

After concussions sidelined the college football star from Georgia, Jon Langston focused all of his energy into music. Quickly, he began writing his own songs and touring throughout the country. Langston’s tough boy exterior is perfectly complemented by the mixture of hard rock and romance mixed into his music. If you’re a fan of artists like Chase Rice and Granger Smith, be sure to add Langston to your next playlist.

Check out Jon Langston’s music on his website: http://www.jonlangston.com/






Lucie Silvas

What you should listen to: “Villain” and “How to Lose it All”

Lucie Silvas, a British born and New Zealand raised singer-songwriter, has been working her way through the music industry for years. After moving to the U.S., Lucie released her album Letters to Ghosts and made her way to American radio with the title track. Letters to Ghosts gives listeners the full range of Lucie’s talent, from upbeat anthems like “How to Lost it All” to more serious pieces like “Roots.” Watch out for Lucie in the future. You do not want to miss what this girl and her music have coming in the future.


To learn more about Lucie Silvas and hear her music, visit her website: http://luciesilvas.com/


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