Jamie Lynn Spears Takes On A Radio Tour Journey

What's Jamie Lynn Spears been up to lately? Well, aside from getting married, releasing The Journey EP, being a great mother to her daughter Maddie, and writing songs like crazy, she's just embarked on radio tour to promote her growing music career with songs from The Journey.

Fans of Jamie Lynn are drawn into her music by her name but stay for her talent. It's undeniable that she puts her heart into her music with songs that represent where she's been, like the song "Miss Mississippi" that she says will be released "hopefully sooner rather than later". Her single "How Could I Want More" is one that she wrote about her husband, Jamie Watson, and she says this is the song that represents who she wants to be in country music. With catchy songs like "Run" and "Mandolin Summer Sun" and her genuine enthusiasm for country music, her music career definitely has the potential to stick around!

Included is a picture from a recent radio tour stop in Raleigh, NC where Jamie Lynn gave B93.9 listeners an exclusive performance of a few songs and then met and took pictures with each and every person in the room to thank them for being there. She performed her original songs and even threw in a tribute to her big sis, Britney, by mashing up "Oops...I Did It Again!" with one of her songs.

We're excited to see more of Jamie Lynn's Journey in country music! What about y'all?

- Lauren