The Latest Tumble

Luke Bryan decided to take a trip last night in Charlotte, NC. But this trip wasn't for any destination but the floor. As Luke was playing his cover of Maklemore and Ryan Lewis' song "Can't Hold Us," he lost his footing and fell straight to the ground. This is not the first time he has fallen on stage in North Carolina; the same thing happened last year. I'm sure the fans in the front row there were doing all they could to help him out, I know I would (wink wink). After the crew backstage ran out to help, Luke played it really well, encouraging everybody to go ahead and "put that s*** on YouTube."

Luke's not the first artist to fall on stage in NC. Earlier this year me and my family went to Greensboro Coliseum to catch the Justin Moore tour. When we were backstage enjoying our VIP acoustic show, Justin told us all he is nervous about falling on stage. Sure enough halfway through his set, he slips right on his fanny. Just like Luke, Justin got up and laughed at himself. I'm not sure what's going on with these guys, they must be distracted by all NC southern bells :).