Boy Band Crashes Into Country Music

Does One Direction have some country competition? The band Chasin’ Crazy has just emerged on the country music scene and has already been deemed “one to watch” by Roughstock. With their debut single “That’s How We Do Summertime” infesting radio stations all over the country, they are speculated to make a big rise over the summer. The group is made up of Jimmy James Hunter, Forest Miller, Landon Parker, Creigh Riepe and Travis Fincher, five guys in their early twenties from different places and backgrounds who somehow all wound up living together and making music together in Nashville. The boys have just signed on to RPM Entertainment and are currently on radio tour promoting their debut single and opening for Chuck Wicks.

Don’t worry traditional country fans, this isn’t your typical boy band…They actually do play their own instruments and there are no sign of any choreographed dances….At least not yet, anyway. They do write their own songs, pretty good ones in my opinion! In fact, just last week the boys posted on their Facebook page that they had written a total of 26 songs in three days! They have pure lead vocals, tight harmonies and catchy lyrics that you’ll find yourself singing in your head all day. (I know I do!) 

Watch their debut music video above and let us know what you think! Will this be your summer anthem?

- Lauren