My Hot 5 Tours of the Summer

As a person who loves live shows in general it is always hard to narrow down the huge selection to a top 5! The hottest names in music spend months and months planning a live event that will make you stop and buy their ticket. But sometimes, when attending these shows, it's not all about who is playing the loudest or who has the best light show, it all circles around the music. That's how I view it anyway.

  1. Jennifer Nettles: "That Girl Tour"
    Earlier this year I was able to attend this tour and it was INCREDIBLE. My list starts with Jennifer Nettles, the lead vocalist of Sugarland. Now I may be bias when it comes to Jennifer or any Sugarland member because I idolize them, but her "That Girl Tour" is raw and straight to the point. Everything about the show is laid back including opener Brandy Clark, no crazy production on stage, no insane light show. It's all about the music, she even adds covers and of course Sugarland hits. Jennifer sets out on her second leg of the tour in July. See dates here.

2. Miranda Lambert: "Platinum Tour"
Miranda shows are always a blast. These are the shows I get a bunch of my girlfriends and have a girls night out. I have seen her a couple times through the past years and every time she was amazing. From her openers to her set, top to bottom, she rocks out! This year I'm especially excited for her opening acts Thomas Rhett and Justin Moore, who is ACM New Artist of the Year. Those guys are coming up through the ranks and kill it live! Check out where you can see them here.

3. Little Big Town
LBT is such a talented group. There is no other group/band out there of this caliber, where any member can sing lead. Their harmonies are like none other and they bring it every time they hit that stage. The live show is so energetic and plain ole fun. Just this past weekend, LBT teased their fans on twitter about new music surfacing in June. I'm sure they will be playing it this summer. LBT headlines their tour, see dates here.

4. Jason Aldean: "Burn It Down Tour"
Just the name alone sounds like a guaranteed good time. Jason has been known to rock thousands of faces on his tours, and as a former attendee of his show, I can second that comment. This year, Jason teases this tour is the best tour by him to date. Now adding baseball fields to his venues played, Aldean promises to 'Burn It Down' this summer. Catch him near you, see dates here.

5. Jake Owen: "Days of Gold Tour"
The whole album Days of Gold album is amazing and I don't suspect his concert will be any different. Jake's been known for his 'Beachin'' cool ways and when he steps onto the stage at showtime, it's like watching a young Kenny Chesney. I've been fortunate enough to be right against the stage for one of Jake's shows and it was a fun, in the face, fully jammed show, where by the end of the night my voice was sore. His stage was even equipped with an area rug by his mic; it made since when he came out barefoot! It's always a good time with Jake, find dates here.