My Top Music Video of the Week

When picking favorite music videos, especially with country music, there are various types. There are the slow ballads, the cool live concert videos, and then there are the crazy silly ones. So when picking my favorite of the week it pretty much depends on the mood I'm in. This week, my pick is Dierks Bentley's video for "Drunk on a Plane."

Try to imagine Dierks being the pilot on an airplane, on "Riser Air" planes, coincidence I think not, considering his album is called "Riser." This video is full of fun and anything crazy you can imagine happening 3500 feet in the air, hence the line "mardi-gras in the clouds." Trays full of Kentucky Whiskey, Priests taking shots, and keg stands on "Riser Kegs" this music video will give you a good laugh. I know I gave me one.