Live Show Review: Blackberry Smoke


When you hear the term "Southern Rock" you're most likely drawn to thoughts of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, and the long hair days of the 1970's.  Few of us imagine up-and-coming bands with the potential to climb the ladder to commercial success.  But if you think Southern Rock is a genre of days gone by, you haven't heard Blackberry Smoke.

Their February 21st show at The Ritz in Raleigh, NC was proof that they can hang with the likes of the 70's Southern Rock greats. The close to capacity audience, made up of several generations, was a testament to how they aren't just a band for the older crowd longing for a few hours of nostalgia. The music is relevant, not to mention fantastic.

The band play song after song, rarely stopping to talk, which created a locked in audience in an atmosphere focused on music, and music alone.  From the 20 somethings to the much more mature, there were fans singing every line and enjoying every second. There aren't many modern music acts that can bring several generations together, but Blackberry Smoke has the unique ability to do just that. Although I've never experienced the Southern Rock shows of the 70's, I'd imagine them to be something like this one. With fewer lit up cell phones. 

By Caroline