Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell is raising the roof with his new single Middle Of A Memory this year. True to its classic sound, this song is loved by many country fans and frequents several different radio stations in the South. However, I would like to bring to light one of his earlier releases that is sticking out to me more as the holiday season quickly approaches - and that song is titled You Should Be Here.

I am going to digress for a moment about the topic of this song briefly to write about how much I love the instrumentation of this piece. I am instantly drawn to any song that features a piano (no matter how briefly), and I feel that the soft melodic introduction of this song does a fantastic job setting the scene for what the meaning of this piece is truly about - sorely missing a loved one. As guitars are then added later, it brings the tune home for a solid country feel...but this brief yet powering stylistic tactic creates a meaningful dynamic that pulls the listener in closer within the first few measures. 


The title alone is a perfect indication that this song is going to be emotional...but honestly, the most poetic part about this particular number is its raw simplicity. There are not a lot of "over the top" special effects used to create a swelling intensive feeling - it is something that is drawn out of a single vocal line with an untouched southern drawl.

Secondly, the music video portrays an extremely personal view of exactly what the artist intended his listeners (and viewers) to feel. A few minutes is a small window of time to evoke a visual experience for an audience, but this particular video leaves nothing to the imagination. It is an extremely personal work of art, and gives the viewer a brief look into the life of the artist. While some may dislike the intense personal aspect of this video, I think that there was quite a lot of thought put into this display and it brings the song full circle. Everyone experiences loss in their lives, and it is something we can all relate to - whether you are a country fan or not, you understand the sentiments depicted in this song. And, as we miss and cherish those loved ones lost at any holiday or day to day life, I love embracing these feelings while listening to a raw yet calming piece exactly like this.  

Cole Swindell is currently on tour this year featuring several singles, and his tour schedule can be found below! Don't forget to check out his schedule to see when he will be at a location near you.