10 New Songs For Your Playlist

I don't know about y'all but I'm always looking for new music to listen to. From songs to jam to in the car to songs to listen to alone in your room, here are some of my favorites on my Recently Added playlist. These are some of my favorite new artists as well as some new songs from artists we all know and love. Just click the links to listen! Let me know what y'all are jamming to in the comments below or on Twitter @MusicFromTheRow!

1) A Guy Walks Into A Bar - Tyler Farr

Can Tyler Farr write a bad song? I don't think so. Between this song, Whisky In My Water, and Redneck Crazy....The guy is on a winning streak and it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. Seriously, how clever are these lyrics?!

2) We Goin' Out - Chase Rice

Just like Tyler Farr, this guy's got some catchy songs. Loving this one! This is one of those "Getting Ready On A Saturday Night" songs. It's a jam!

3) Break Up In A Small Town - Sam Hunt

If you grew up in a small town, you can most definitely relate to this one. The storytelling lyrics mixed with almost hip-hop like backbeats make this song different from most of what we've been hearing from country artists lately.

4) This Time - Betsy Lane

Betsy's songwriting is killer and she is such an awesome girl. If you don't know her, you should! This is one of my favorites from her Southern Crazy EP she recently released. Check it out!

5) Sunshine & Whiskey - Frankie Ballard

This song just makes me smile. "I said, "Hang on baby, better pull over for this."
I don't wanna get DWK, driving while kissing they'll put you away." Ha! Love it.

6) Love You Like That - Canaan Smith

I definitely think we'll be hearing more out of this up and comer very soon! Loving this new single he just released!

7) Crushin' It - Brad Paisley

Nobody does feel-good summer songs like Brad Paisley! Taking another trip to the beach this summer or going to some football tailgates this fall? Add this one to your playlist!

8) Trailer Hitch - Kristian Bush

You know this guy from Sugarland of course, but he's holding his own as a solo artist with this new single. 

9) You Think You Know Somebody - Hunter Hayes

Okay, this song came out a few months ago but yes, I'm still listening to it. Those lyrics and killer instrumentals.....It just doesn't get old.

10) It Should Have Been You - Maggie Chapman

This young artist will be releasing her debut album September 16 & she has put this song up on her YouTube channel as a preview. If you're a fan of great lyrics and haunting melodies, you'll LOVE this one. What an incredible story behind it as well!


- Lauren