New Music Monday: Ruthie Collins

This Monday we are absolutely loving this new country tune from Ruthie Collins! Her single Ramblin' Man was not only made into a creative visual lyric video, but also carries a dark and minor key that surprisingly brings an ominous feel to her light and upbeat vocals. This song follows a concept of a long-distance relationship with an element of the unknown, and the guitars match the theme perfectly. Have a listen below!

Originally hailing from New York, Ruthie Collins now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she excels at being a singer/songwriter, banjo player, and guitarist. She has since worked with writers such as Nathan Chapman and Jeff Cohen (from Big and Rich), and doesn't plan on leaving the musical city anytime soon! The talent of her soft vocals in her songs bring back a reminiscing feel to her clear sound - and her single Dear Dolly is the perfect example of a gentle and simple guitar tune bringing home a simply beautiful melody.

If you love Ruthie Collin's voice, be sure to check out her website below!

New Music Monday: Whitney Rose

This Monday, we are featuring a completely different sound of country - the jazzy and sassy style and voice of Whitney Rose! Born in Canada, this singer/songwriter has an extremely vintage sound in many of her tracks. However, she remains true to the country themes of staying in tune with ones roots and showcasing who you truly are, as is one of the main themes in her single My Boots. This song highlights the importance of being upfront in a humorous and catchy way - have a listen below!

Rose's sultry and retro voice brings out one of the most exciting sounds found in modern-day music. She has the ability to pierce the listener's mind with vivid imagery, and draws her inspiration from artists such as Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. Another one of her singles titled Heartbreaker Of The Year is simply dripping with audio beauty. Despite being known for her honky-tonk ways, this masterpiece carries a lot of soul and is truly a stunning piece driven almost entirely by bass:


If you're an instant fan of this country lady, make sure to take a look at all she has to offer on her website!

New Music Monday: Trent Harmon

If you're in search of an upbeat tune to beat those Monday blues, look no further! Trent Harmon's new release There's A Girl is one heck of a catchy single! This song starts off quiet and sweet, but its melody and excitement pick up as soon as the first chorus hits. Have a listen to this instant earworm!

Growing up in East Mississippi, Trent was threw himself into the music scene at an early age. Influenced heavily by church hymns and musicals, he pursued the music industry well throughout his college career and beyond. He was the 2016 winner of American Idol during their final season, and soon after this accomplishment he went on to make the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for his song titled Falling

Trent has covered many well-known musicians in addition to having his own career take off. As such a talented individual, we can't wait to hear what he's working on next. Make sure to take a look as his website below!

New Music Monday: Cody Johnson

If you are in love with the traditional country sound, you will absolutely fall in love with Cody Johnson's new single With You I Am. His stunning vocal control and old-timey Texas twang will melt your heart, along with his beautifully touching music video. Heavily influenced by George Straight and Alan Jackson, Cody often does covers of their music with solely his guitar and himself as the only performer. Listen below to the love song that will surely make you swoon this up and coming year!


In this particular song you can hear tribute lyrics to some of George Straight's earlier works - the comparison of love to nature is a theme that can be heard from both artists. Cody truly shines with crystal vocals and soft tones in his choruses - we simply MUST share another song!

If you are absolutely loving what you're hearing, make sure to look into Cody Johnson's website below!

New Music Monday: Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay are making waves with their new single How Not To this upcoming year - this dynamic duo comprised of Dan Smyners and James Shay Mooney met in Nashville in 2012, and have continuously written songs that have been wildly successful ever since. Their latest tune highlights an interesting perspective of both falling in love and its downfall - have a listen below!

Dan + Shay have a way of penning lyrics that resonate deeply with their fans - their simplistic style yet intricate melodies allow their audience members to instantaneously relate to their lyrics. The first lines of the introductory verse of their latest song paint a portrait of an individual who is no longer in denial about their recent heartbreak, as it states: 

I can honestly understand why it's over
I can go through the motions of walking away
I can give you the key and take my things back
I can find plenty things to fill my days

However, the transition from this style of nonchalant writing to an explosive chorus definitely stands out in the crowd, as the lyrics go on to say;

But I don't know how not to think about you
When it's late at night and crying
And I know that I ought to be the one who is strong and just moves on
But I probably turn down your road, knock-knock on your door
Fall back in your arms, wake up in the morning
Hating myself for the way that I can't help the way I still want you
I just don't know how not to.

You can absolutely hear the emotion throughout this entire piece, as if the artists are both crying out their sentiments. Dan + Shay are definitely moving up the musical ladder - stay tuned for their new releases in the future.

Be sure to follow Dan + Shay online through their official website below!

New Music Monday: from Rascal Flatts!

If you haven't already heard the newly released song Yours If You Want It by Rascal Flatts, make sure you take five minutes out of your day today to lend this talented band your ears! Lead vocalist Gary LeVox is clearly rejuvenated and is approaching his latest songs with a broader energy and power. Their new song is a much different sound than the classic Rascal Flatts that was well known in the 90s and early 2000s, as their new single is now aligned with a pop-country undertone. This gives their track a new life that is completely unexpected for what this band was originally known as, and is far separated from their Mayberry-like tunes:

This song is a perfect example of how a powerful and stunning melody can truly drive an entire composition into the spotlight. The instrumentation in this song is also an enormous factor on the much sharper final product, as you can clearly hear each individual instrument line as they collaborate to make one cohesive song. However, LeVox's impressive vocal range is still recognizable and is able to carry this song home with a high and dramatic register.

Hopefully you will be able to support their new musical endevors as they tour in cities near you! Check out their up and coming tour schedule as they continue to travel and play throughout the country.

New Music Monday: Seth Ennis

Twenty-three year old Seth Ennis made his start at an early age by learning to play several instruments throughout his Georgia upbringing. While most would expect Ennis to have a deeply Southern sound, he is an extremely versatile singer due to the fact that he moved locations a lot while he spent time serving in the military. After spending several years in Japan, he relocated to Raleigh and commuted to Nashville to re-center his passion for music. Seth now currently resides in Nashville, and has obtained a record deal with Sony Music. His new single Woke Up In Nashville is one that is unbelievably insightful for an artists his age - have a listen to the intricate piece below!

While this song features many deep artistic elements including dual meanings and syncopated melody slant rhymes, the palpable tension in the instrumentation of a delicate piano line that never fully "explodes" is one that truly catches the listener's attention. It is certainly well received that Seth Ennis' melodies align slightly with a pop music sound, and that the evolution of this song is one that grows on the audience almost instantly.

Seth calls himself a "picky" songwriter and is very particular about production elements, and it definitely shows through the precision of this final masterpiece. Definitely be on the lookout for new songs from this extremely talented artist.

Follow him through his website below!

New Music Monday: Dichotomy


Widely-received Michigan native Ryan Hurd is definitely not slowing down in 2017. Ever since he achieved writing his number one single titled Lonely Tonight (recorded by Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe), this songwriter is now taking things into his own hands and has started both singing and performing his own original music. His latest single titled Hold You Back is one that captivates the listener for two reason; the first being that it begins with a soft country feel that makes the listener beg for resolution, but the lyrics and melody in this particular piece are a complete dichotomy-the upbeat and happy tune provides conflict for the listener due to the fact that the lyrics are incredibly dark and sad.

While Ryan Hurd has written songs for Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen, Maren Morris and Tim McGraw, it is wonderful that he has started to pursue a singing career for himself as well. His many melodies provide an opportunity for the listener to appreciate the transition and growth of an artist, as one who originally starting creating pieces for others has now moved towards a more self-focused career. 

Make sure to keep informed about his tour schedule below!

New Music Monday: Jaime Wyatt

Today's featured artist is from Los Angeles, California - Jaime Wyatt had a rough start to her music career, but was thankfully able to turn things around for a bright future in songwriting. Her latest release is titled Felony Blues, which is a stunning autobiographical work of art that allows people to stop and appreciate the trials of her early life. The song featured below is titled Stone Hotel - hold on to your cowgirl hats, because it will surely blow you away!

Jaime's beautiful raspy voice is one that has surely developed with age. She got her first record deal at only seventeen years old, but after getting off on the wrong track and serving a few months in the county jail, she has made a full comeback. She now brings with her a story to be heard. Her many heartfelt ballads of love gone wrong and her time served allows her listeners to get a small glimpse of what her personal struggles look like in a brief snapshot of time, and her voice is purely exceptional. From the moment she starts singing, you can hear all of the emotion pouring out of her as she plays the guitar with her band. Her rocker style allows her to have a much freer country image, however every upbeat song of hers is a boot-stomping good time.

Definitely be sure to check out her website below!

2017 is the Year for Girl Power Country Artists

While country music has had its fair share of powerful female stars like Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, or Taylor Swift, the industry has always been relatively male dominated. In recent years, however, this trend has been changing as up and coming female country artists gain more popularity and wider audiences and have begun to break away from the sometimes narrow mold they’re put in. So far, 2017 does not disappoint when it comes to strong women taking over country music. Breakout stars like Claire Dunn and Carly Pearce have gained success with multiple singles, and Marren Morris’s fresh, alternative style got her a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. If you’re a fan of country and need a little extra girl power in your life, here are 5 artists to look out for in 2017.


Racheal Lynn Woodward, better known as RaeLynn, gained initial success on season 2 of The Voice, and later for her 2014 single God Made Girls. After a few years spent making music and a switch in labels to Warner Music Nashville, RaeLynn is finally releasing her first debut album Wildhorse this June. Listen to Love Triangle, the first single from her new album!

Runaway June

With a perfect mix of talents and a sound reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks, vocal trio Runaway June is the perfect example of female artists breaking the mold. Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland, and Jennifer Wayne bring a new sound to country music that’s a fusion of their individual styles. Their smooth three-part harmonies are sure to give you the feels, as can be heard in their first single Lipstick, which was the first record by an all-female trio to break Top 25 in over 10 years.

Bailey Bryan

Bailey Bryan is off to a strong start in 2017. After releasing her first single in January and being nominated for the Grammy’s Artist of Tomorrow by Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, Bailey is currently on tour with fellow country artist Dan + Shay. Bailey’s girly, upbeat sound will have you dancing alone in your car and is exemplified in her 2017 single Own It.

Caitlyn Smith

Though Caitlyn Smith has gained recent fame after a series of strong 2016 releases, she is no newcomer to country music. Caitlyn spent years in Nashville songwriting with an impressive list of country stars including Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, and Cassadee Pope. Now focusing on her own music, Caitlyn exemplifies empowerment with her strong vocals and raw sound, as can be heard in Before You Called Me Baby off her 2016 EP Starfire.

New Music Monday: Jacob Davis

Who doesn't love a song that tells a story? This is something that has definitely been accomplished by Jacob Davis - his beautiful song Something To Remember You By is such a simple melody that can evoke powerful reactions from his listeners. Listen for yourself below!

Growing up on 90's country music in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jacob didn't start playing the guitar until he was a teenager. He was originally taught how to play classic country tunes by his father, but also grew up inspired by piano music that was played primarily by his mother. 

When he turned 23, he decided to move to Nashville and follow his passion of becoming a musician...which his talent was sought out shortly after. From then on out, he has been writing songs that come directly from his life experiences and his heart. 

Another one of his singles Shot Me Over The Moon is one that is extremely powerful even with minimal instrumentation - the raw guitar sound that he creates is one that resonates with emotion. This song is dripping with simplicity...and it is absolutely stunning.

Don't forget to check out his official website below!

A Spotify Playlist for Every Country Need

New Boots

If you find yourself getting tired of the radio or want to add some variety to your own country playlist, New Boots is the way to go. This Spotify playlist highlights the latest songs and artists in country music and is updated weekly to bring you the newest music. Whether it’s an upcoming artist who hasn’t hit the radio yet or the single from your favorite country artist that just dropped last week, New Boots will ensure you’re ahead of the game in country music.

Tailgate Party

This playlist embodies those upbeat country sounds that make you want to grab some friends, a cooler of beer and a spot in the sun. Whether it's football season, happy hour, or just a sunny Saturday with the windows down, Tailgate Party gives you the perfect upbeat soundtrack to lighten the mood with artists like Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line and more. 

Country Coffeehouse

If you’re not in the tailgating mood, Coffeehouse Country is perfect for more laid-back days. With soft, acoustic sounds, this playlist is made for studying or lazy Sundays, and highlights a mellower side of country music.

Classic Country

Classic Country explores sounds from the origins of country music. Featuring country legends like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton, this playlist is perfect for old souls or anyone with a taste for the classics.

Your Daily Mix

One of the more recent additions to Spotify is the “Daily Mix” option. Each day, Spotify creates five or six playlists tailored specifically to your music library by separating your songs into different categories and adding new songs to each playlist that reflect the sounds of each one. Through this feature, you can pick the “mix” you’re most in the mood for and listen to a custom-made playlist based on your own music tastes. Your Daily Mix shows up automatically in Spotify under your library. 

New Music Monday: Drew Baldridge

"Me and the boys...we were noise, with some dirt on us." -Drew Baldridge, Dirt On Us

If you haven't already heard Drew Baldridge's new single Dirt On Us, make sure you give it a listen - this song gives off such a hometown country feel, and if you grew up playing outside in the summertime you will absolutely end up feeling nostalgic!

Baldridge grew up in Illinois, and signed his first recording and publishing deal in 2013. Ever since he picked up the guitar in his teen years, he has been playing and writing songs that have strong ties to the classic country sound. He also gained quite a bit of influence from the church that he attended as a child, as he often sang in the congregation of his hometown. His sweet "southern sound" is definitely one that can make his listeners feel reminiscent! 

One interesting thing about this singer/songwriter is that he turned down an athletic scholarship for college, and instead saw bigger things for himself in Nashville. He now currently resides in Tennessee, and is a full-time musician. There remains something to be said for those who create their own path and choose not to follow the mainstream path laid out for them. 

If you are interested in learning more about Drew Baldridge, or would like to hear more of his singles, make sure you take a look at his website!



Clare Dunn

Strong women with powerful voices are on the rise this year, and Clare Dunn is a perfect example of the sultry sound that comes with having immense vocal pipes! Born and raised on several acres of country land in Colorado, this singer songwriter knows all about the heavy lifting that comes with not only having a solid country upbringing, but also the dedication required to start putting out songs to the public. During her college years, she relocated to Nashville Tennessee and truly started to gain focus on pursuing her dreams in music. After becoming increasingly fluent on both the acoustic and electric guitar, she debuted her single Tuxedo at the Grand Ole Opry last year where it was well received. Have a listen below!

The lyrics in this song start off as simple, typical country themed messages about cowboy boots and heavy lifting. But later on as the song reaches its explosive chorus, Clare is able to reach a more meaningful message to her fans about taking appreciation in the every day things in life. By stating that she doesn't need fine jewelry or money to be content, the connection is one that young lovers can certainly relate to and stand behind. 

Another one of her songs that contains a lot of power is her single Move On. The melody in this particular song is one that will definitely get stuck in your head, so listen with caution!!

Her consistent sound and style is one that is very much starting to reach a wider range of listeners. Be sure to check out her official website below if you enjoy her music!



New Music Monday: Adam Craig

Be on the lookout for rising country artist Adam Craig this coming year! Working closely with the successful band Parmalee, he just recently released his self-titled EP in 2016 which features five of his latest songs. Adam Craig has co-written many well-known songs with artists Jason Aldean and Dustin Lynch in addition to Parmalee, and has performed with Sara Evans upon arriving in Tennessee. 

Originally from Washington state, Adam Craig now resides in Nashville and has been signed by Stoney Creek Records. One of his latest hits, Reckon, is a beautifully penned song that focuses on the here and now, as the story depicts an individual who recognizes that he and his love interest are tearing each other apart. One thing about Adam Craig's music that stands out in a crowd are his tempo changes throughout his songs. Reckon in particular is a perfect example of the power of movement within a single song; here it is featured below!

Another one of his songs that is beautifully composed is his single titled Just A Phase. While this slower, plodding country tempo is similar to many heartbreak songs, his lyrics stand out throughout this piece just as vibrantly as some of his faster-paced tunes. 

If you like what you're hearing, make sure to follow him online through his official website to see when he is coming to play near you!

http://www.adamcraigofficial. com/


New Music Monday: Carly Pearce

Every little thing I remember every little thing The high, the hurt, the shine, the sting Of every little thing  - Carly Pearce, lyrics from Every Little Thing

This coming year, be on the lookout for some fantastically haunting vocals by Carly Pearce! This country musician was born in Kentucky, and currently resides in Nashville, TN where she has lived since she was nineteen years old. Growing up on bluegrass, she has always been drawn to the country scene, and has performed at the Bluebird Cafe and the Grand Ole Opry. Her single Every Little Thing was released last year, and it has gotten amazing reviews! Have a listen below:

Since she started performing, she has toured with Florida Georgia Line, Gary Allen, and Hunter Hayes. Her first EP was released in 2015, and she will be performing in Nashville, TN on February 4th of this year. See her website below to follow her on social media, as well as stay updated on her tour schedule!



New Music Monday: LANco

If you haven't already heard LANco's single Long Live Tonight, you are definitely missing out on one of the greatest up and coming sing-along country bands. This Nashville-based band is made up of five amazing artists; singer/songwriter Brandon Lancaster (from where the band's name originates), drummer Tripp Howell, bass player Chandler Baldwin, guitarist Eric Steedly, and instrumentalist Jared Hampton. Their music is so full of energy, and the influence that contemporary country music has had on their sound can certainly be heard loud and clear. Have a listen to their single below:

What I love most about this band is how down to earth they are about their performances, as well as their realistic approach to the competitive nature of the industry. None of these artists shy away from the fact that they are having to compete with many other facets in life, and for this reason alone they work very hard at making their live performances as intimate and personal as they can. LANco gains inspiration for their music by paying attention to current situations in life that many people can relate to, and their message remains strong by holding a deep connection with their fans.

During a recent interview about where they draw their creativity from, Brandon Lancaster stated:

"When we're in front of a crowd, we're aware that everyone has the whole world in their pocket, on their cell phone. You're competing against a cat video when you're up there onstage playing I want to jump in the crowd and be up close and personal with people. Country music is about finding people where they're at right now: working a 9-to-5, going through hard times, questioning life - yes, our music is huge, and our show is energetic and we're all over the place, but there is a message that people understand." 

Their focus on unifying people through music is admirable, and their personal message is one that can be understood by the masses. LANco understands the importance of holding a valued relationship with their followers, and as a result their fan base is growing dramatically. Their music is so beautiful, passionate, dynamic, and refreshing. Take a look at their other work through their official website below!

New Music Monday: Courtney Marie Andrews

If you are searching for a soothing voice that can make you forget about the stresses of daily life, make sure you listen to the pure vocal talent of Courtney Marie Andrews. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, this singer/songwriter started performing at 16 years old by recording background vocals for well known bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Damien Jurado before traveling across the world to Belgium. Her beautiful folk-sounding single How Quickly Your Heart Mends is one that many can relate to, and her stunning sound is absolutely soulful. This music video is very much based upon real experiences by the artists, as she is featured below as the bartender in this film; and, it was working in a bar where she sought inspiration for many of her singles.

While her instrumentation levels vary on many of her songs, one thought kept creeping into my head upon listening to her intimate performances: when it comes to talent, sometimes simplicity is best. Her river version of Irene is absolutely beautiful, and I am posting her two separate versions of this song back to back so that you as the listener can compare the difference in sound and overall feel. Personally, I am almost always a fan of raw original lines - the first version only featuring herself and the guitar is truly breathtaking. No auto-tuning, no electronics, just unadulterated vocal aptitude.

Her songs are incredibly introspective, and her meaningful lyrics pull emotion out of the listener almost immediately. In her interview with Rolling Stone, she left them with a personal quote from where she gained most of her inspiration from:

"People love to talk about their deepest personal thoughts when they are intoxicated. I never intended to write based around those stories, but they really influenced me. It gave me a wider empathy for the world, and those stories are the ones that ring true in my soul more than anything." -Courtney Marie Andrews

Check out more of her music below!

New Music Monday: High Valley

High Valley, comprised of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel are bringing back the basic, classic, country music feel with their simple chord patterns and duet-styled melodies. Growing up in a small community in Alberta, Canada, these two brothers gained their musical inspiration from listening to 80s and 90s country tunes.  They grew up with a Mennonite upbringing due to their parent's Amish beliefs, and as a result they were also very heavily influenced by gospel music as well. In the year 2000, the brothers moved to Nashville Tennessee, and began recording with a very small budget. Their single Make You Mine has already been streamed 8 million times, and their cover of I'll Fly Away has gotten an incredible amount of attention as well. Their tempos and musical style strongly resembles that of Mumford & Sons, and even though Make You Mine (featured below) has such a simple, catchy melody that features powerful vocals from both brothers, their sound is unlike any other.

High Valley takes a lot of pride in the fact that all of their songs and live performances have been viewed as "family friendly" and "genuine old school," and they are very adamant about keeping their message positive and uplifting. Through all of their releases, this message is definitely front and center. Check out their official site below!



"I'm a student of Eric Church, and I say that a lot...I was drawn to it because of the honesty and because it's got rough edges on it. He doesn't shy away from anything and that's the way I wanted to be. I don't want to put myself in any kind of box as far as my sound goes, because being an artist is fluid. If you look at a painter's work, a lot of times it's similar in style but other time - over even a year's period - it can change so much. I'm just going with the flow."
                                                                                                               - Luke Combs
Fierce talent straight from Asheville, NC; as a graduate of Appalachian State University, Luke Combs is hitting the billboards like a storm. Amazingly, this modern sounding country artist did not even pick up the guitar as an instrument until 2011, right when he turned 21 years old. As a rising country singer, he has only been in Nashville for two years but he has already had his newly released single Hurricane rise to the top of the iTunes Country Charts Top 10 on the day of its release.



Being a co-writer to every one of his songs, his extremely unique wording definitely makes him stand out in the country crowd. Even if his sound is one that may be a bit familiar to everyday listeners, his imagery and depictions create an entire story conveyed in just minutes of his tracks. Luke Combs' ability to create both a familiar sound and feel while being extremely new to the industry is not something that should be overlooked. Many artists work hard for years to perfect their songwriting, and he has accomplished an incredible amount in the industry in an extremely short period of time. His poetic element remains true to the heart of country writing and sound: check out his website and new releases below!